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Department of texts, research and publication of written heritage written heritage center

Although Tajik textology has a long and rich history, it came to the fore in the first half of the 20th century, during the rule of the Soviet Union, in the light of the rich theoretical and practical studies of European, especially Russian, textology, and it was formed, evolved and flourished, to which writers and thinkers the mighty Tajik Sadriddin Aini laid a reliable foundation by compiling the book "Sample of Tajik literature", which was first published in Persian in Moscow in 1926. Later, in our Tajikistan, both the alphabet of our ancestors, and the Latin alphabet, and later, with the adoption of the Cyrillic alphabet, Tajik textology took life and brought good and lasting results. The contribution of the mathematical sector of the Institute of Language and Literature named after Rudaki AI of the Republic of Tajikistan, which today operates and operates in the Center of Written Heritage under the Department of NAST under the name of the Department of Textual Studies, Research and Publishing of Written Heritage, is significant.

Thus, with the establishment of the first sector of textual studies and the publication of written works since 1958, the science of textual studies was officially established in our country, it was properly formed and further achieved great achievements.

          In the years 1958-1961, in the sector of textual studies and the publication of written works of the Department of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan headed by Kamal Aini, teachers and scholars of the field B. Cyrus, M. Bakaev, Z. Ahrori, A. Devonakulov, A. Jonfido, Iftikhor, A. Zuhuriddinov and later A. Afsahzod, L. Sulaymonova, A. Alimardonov, M. Mamedova, M. Muradova enthusiastically started work and with unprecedented efforts advanced the activity of Tajik textual science. In 1970, Bahram Sirus headed the mentioned sector for a while.

From 1971 until the end of his life (July 15, 1999), the manager of this responsible department fell on the shoulders of the well-known literary critic Alakhan Afsahzod. Now in this sector teachers B. Cyrus, A. Zuhuriddinov, H. Education, J. Dodalishoev, L. Sulaymonova, A. Jonfido, S. Siddikov, J. Nazriev were active, and later junior scientists Sh. Nuriddinov, A. Mohammadi and A. Rahmonov increased their ranks.

"Selected Works of Badriddin Hiloli" (1958, edited by K. Aini), "Muntahabot" by Abdur Rahman Mushfiqi (1963, edited by Z. Ahrari), "Rubayot" by Umar Khayyom (1955, edited by K. Aini) were published. ), "Selected Poems" of Shavkat Bukharai (1968, with the effort of M. Akhmadov), "Selected Poems" of Nazim Hiroti (1967, edited by A. Zuhuriddinov), "Selected Poems" of Abdurrahmani Tamkin (1974, with the attention of A. Jonfido), "Mahbubu-l-Qulub" by Mirzo Barkhurdori Farohi in two volumes (1975-1979, compiled and the author of the foreword by A. Zuhuriddinov), "Raano and Zebo" by Mirzo Barkhurdori Farohi (1982, with the efforts of A. Zuhuriddinov), "Sunflower" by Kalim Kashoni (Selected poems, 1987, edited by Sh. Nuriddinov), "Husnu Dil" by Fattahi Nishopuri (1985, with the effort of A. Rahmonov), Tughral Ahrari's poem called "The plant of love" (1986, edited by A. Polodov and A. Rahmonfar), selected "Devan Kabir" by Maulana in two volumes (1986, edited by S. Siddikov and M. Shahidi), "Artifacts" by Bedil (1990, later, with the efforts of S. Siddikov and B. Rahimi), the poems of Mirzolatif Rahimzoda "Sati Saad" (1997, edited and edited by Ali Mohammadi) and others were an example of the implementation of the scientific plans of the sector. Due to the need of time, the publication of the complete text of Firdawsi's Shahnama (Dushanbe: Adib, 1985-1991) was considered one of the important works of the textual sector.

In the sector, with the education and maturation of skilled textologists and the need of the times, the development of scientific, scientific-popular and scientific-critical texts in the script of the ancestors was carried out. In this work, the efforts of the former head of the department A. Afsahzod, who wrote and edited Jami's scientific-critical book "Layli wa Majnun" and his three books "Fatihatu-sh-shubab", "Wasitatu-l-iqd" and "Khotimatu-l-hayat" in 1971-1981. and published it in the "Nauka" publication of Moscow city, scientific workers of the Department, including A. Jonfido, who published the Tazkirs of Khoja Nematullah Mukhtaram "Tazkirat-ush-shuaro", Rahmatullah Vazeh "Tuhfatul-al-ahbab fi Tazkiratul-l- Companions", Husaynqulikhan Azimabadi "Nashtari Ishq" and Abdullahkhojai Abdi "Tazkiratu-sh-shuaro" prepared and made available to the research public in 1976-1983 through the publishing house "Donish" of the AI of Tajikistan. H. Tarbiat, who edited the scientific-critical text "Iskandari's Wisdom" and published it in "Nauka" publishing house in Moscow, texts developed and published by L. Sulaymonova "Kozurpisar" of Fitrat Zardoz of Samarkand, Jurabek Nazri "Laili and Majnun" of School of Shirozi, Jobulko Dodalishoev "Kullyyat" of Saiyida Nasafi, J. Dodalishoev and A. Alimardonov "Devon" by Shavkat Bukharai, L. Sulaymonova "Layli and Majnun" by Shahin, L. Salomatshoeva's "Devon" by Hassan Dehlavi, Asror Rahmon's "Caravan of Love" by Tughral Ahrari, Ali Mohammadi's "Persian Cabinet" by Alisher Navoi-Foni, which were published in the country's most prestigious publications, are noteworthy. Later, Jami's "Bahoriston", which was published in Dushanbe publishing houses in 1966, 1972 and 1978, was published again in 1987 with the courage and efforts of A. Afsahzod was again published with a complete introduction and detailed scientific explanations in the Moscow publishing house "Nauka".

On July 15, 1999 Alakhan Afsahzad unexpectedly closed his eyes in eternal sleep. This, of course, did not affect the work of the Department of Textology. There were many plans and unfinished business. After that, Mohammadiev A. For some time, he was appointed as the acting manager, and since 2000, he has been appointed as the head of the department.

After the transition period, starting from 2000, the flow of the Department regained its previous approach. Development, compilation and publication of "Ilohinoma" by Fariduddin Attar (Dushanbe, 2000, "Payomi oshno" with the effort of A.M. Khurasani), "Masnavi of Manhavi" by Mavlono Jalaluddin Balkhi (Tehran, 2001, with the effort of A.M. Khurasoni, B. Alizoda and M. Akbarzod), "Guzida Ghazaliyat" by Mazmun Zarobodi (Dushanbe "Surushan", 2002, prepared and edited by A. M. Khurasoni), "Mufizu-l-Anwar and Divan of Poems" by Abdulhai Mujaharfi (Moscow, "Intransdornauka", 2003, with the efforts and research of A. M. Khurasoni and B. B. Karim), the first and second volumes of "Ravzatu-s-safa" by Mirkhond (Dushanbe, 2004, vol. 1 and 2006 vol. .2, with the development and scientific-critical preparation of N. Amirshahi), the review "Movaronunnahr Poets" (Dushanbe, "Adib", 2006, edited by A.M. Khurasoni), "Mantiqu-t-tair" by Fariduddin Attar ( Dushanbe, "Ejod", 2006, with the effort of A.M. Khurasani), "Eight hundred ghazals" by Maulana Jalaliddin Balkhi (Dushanbe, "Adib", 2007, prepared by A. Rahmonfar and A. Mirkhoja), "Devon Kabir" by Jalal al-Din Rumi in four volumes (Dushanbe, "Donish", 2007-2009, with research and explanations by A.M. Khurasani), "Ash'or" by Abu Abdullah Rudaki (Dushanbe, "Adib", 2007, preparation and editing of the text with an introduction and vocabulary and explanations of R. Hadizoda and A.M. Khorasani) etc. There were more serious steps in the Institute's textology department.

One of the happy events of the Department is the scientific-critical edition of "Tazkirat-sh-shuaro" of Samarkandi Males with the efforts of K. Aini (Dushanbe, "Payvand", 2007) and the development of a scientific-critical text of the remaining works of Ustad Abu Abdullah Rudaki under the title "Poetry Cabinet" with the efforts and attention of R. Hadizoda and A. M. Khorasani (Dushanbe, "Link, 2008)" is that both works were done on the basis of reliable achievements of the Eastern treasure of the Center.

Along with these achievements, scientific research in the form of articles, scientific presentations at national and foreign conferences and international meetings, and writing of books and monographs, most of them were carried out on the reliable basis of the prepared text, were carried out in the Department. In this series, first of all, scientific thesis of Kamal Ainy "Badriddin Hiloli" (1957), scientific thesis of Bahrom Sirus "Rhyme in Tajik poetry" (1955), "Tajik dream" (1963), "New theory of rhyming in Tajik poetry" (1972), thesis and monographs of A. Afsahzod "Hafiz Shirozi" (1971), "Abdurrahmani Jami" (1978), "Layli and Majnun" story by Abdurrahmani Jami (1970), "Life and works of Abdurrahmani Jami" (1980), "Development of the thoughts of Abdurrahmani Jami" (1981 ), "Pride of the East" (1983), "Akademik Abdulghani Mirzoev" (1984), "Lyrics of Abdurrahmani Jami" (Moscow-1985, in Russian), "Persian-Tajik literature in the second half of the XV century" (1985), "Sunnat stable and newly educated creative" (1985), "In the ranks of the great" (1986), the textbook "Tajik literature" (for the 8th grade, 1987), "Ganjavi order" (1995), "Odamushshuaro Rudaki" (2001), etc. dissertation of L. Sulaymonova "Life and creativity of Sayfi Isfarangi" (1973), thesis of Sh. Nuriddinov "Abdullah Kabuli i ego "Tazkirat-at-tavarih" (1988), scientific theses of J. Nazriev "School of Shirozi and his story Laili and Majnun" (1987), "Bibleysko-koranicheska istoria tsarya Solomona i eyo prelomleniya v persidsko-tadjikskoi literature", thesis and monographs of A. M. Khurasani "Friendly relations and literary relations of Jami and Navoi" (1990), "Asadi Tusi i ego poem "Ghershasp-name" (1994), "Letter and non-manigraphy in "Shahnoma" and the like can be listed.

This development and progress can be observed after the independence of Tajikistan more than before.

In addition, the first volumes of Mirkhond's historical work "Ravzatu-s-safa" were prepared by N. Amirshahi has become available to the reader.

After the establishment of the Center of Written Heritage of the AI of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Department received the name of the Department of Textual Studies, Research and Publication of Written Heritage, and the direction of the Department's work was determined. In this very short period of time, the science of textual studies has seen a new development. A collection of essays written by Abdurrahman Jami (edited by R. Isroilov), "Manozir-ul Kavakib" by Ahmed Makhdumi Donish (edited by M. Kholov), "Abdulhai Mujakharfi and his literary status" (Articles and eulogies) (edited by A .M. Khurasani), Sayyida Nasafi "Devon" (editing the text with an introduction and vocabulary and explanations by A.M. Khurasani), Talib Omuli, Kalim Kashani, Shavkat Bukharai, Ghani Kashmiri "Chaharboghi Ghazal" (editing and editing the text with an introduction and vocabulary and explanations AM Khurasoni), Navoi, Alisher. Cabinet of Foni/Amir Alisher Navoi (Foni) (editing of the text with an introduction and explanation of vocabulary and explanations by A.M. Khurasoni), Navoi, Alisher. Farhad and Shirin / Amir Alisher Navoi. Translation of M. Amirzoda (development, adjustment and explanation of vocabulary and explanations by A.M. Khurasoni and A. Malikzod), Jami, Abdurrahman. Two hundred ghazals/Abdurrahmani Jami (edited by A.M. Khurasani and Mubashshir Akbarzod) Navoi, Alisher. Two hundred gazelles. (in Uzbek language) / Alisheri Navoi (edited by A.M. Khurasoni), Nasafi, Mirabid Sayyido. Kulliyot/ Mirabid Sayyida Nasafi. (the preparation of the text with an introduction and explanation of the vocabulary and explanations by A. M. Khurasoni and A. R. Somoni), Cabinet of poems, the story "Layli and Majnun", the masnavi "The gift of friends" and the essay "Badoe-us-sanoe" by Shamsiddin Shahin (text prepared by Asror Rahmonfar and Aalohoja Sayidnazim), "Farhod and Shirin" by Alisher Navoi (translation by Muhiddin Aminzoda, text prepared by Ali Mohammadi Khurasoni and A. Malikzod), Cabinet of Kalim Kashani (text prepared by Nuriddinov Shamsiddin), Ghazaliyat Vaslii Samarkandi (edited by Khalida Davlatova), Cabinet of Ibn Yamin Faryumadi's poems (edited by Khujova Mavjuda), Ghazaliyat Tughral (edited by Asror Rahmonfar), "Treatise on the poetry of civilization and retribution" by Ahmad Donish (edited by Isroilov Rahmatsho ), Divan Faizi Dakani (text preparation by Ali Mohammadi Khurasani) is a scientific product of the Department of Matthology, research and publication of the written heritage of the same period of the Center of Written Heritage.

At the moment, the Head of the Department H. Davlatova, leading scientific workers A. Mohammadiev and Sh. Nuriddinov, senior scientific workers M. Khujova and A. Rahmonov, scientific worker Safdarshoev Tolibziyo and junior scientific worker Valiyeva Diloro are working.

The purpose of the Department's activity is to research, research and publish the works of ancestors, which literary, scientific and cultural values of the ancestors of the Tajik nation, which have remained in written form for some time, have been discussed in accordance with the requirements of the standards of international science, and are presented to a wide circle of the public, people of science and those in need. be presented.

Employees of the Department on the five-year project on the topic "Text development and research of the works of Tajik literature based on manuscripts of Tajikistan" (16th-19th centuries) for the years 2021-2025, which was organized by the Scientific-Research Coordination Council, the National Patent and Information Center of the Ministry development of economy and trade of the Republic of Tajikistan has been approved.