The National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan informs that on October 9-10, 2023, an International Scientific Symposium dedicated to the 1050th anniversary of Abu Rayhan Beruni under the title "Abu Rayhan Beruni - discoverer of the secrets of nature" will be held in Dushanbe in cooperation with UNESCO.

The purpose of holding the conference is a comprehensive review of the historical, scientific, cultural and social aspects of the works of the great son of the East - Abu Rayhan Beruni (973-1048), who made a valuable contribution to the development of world civilization.

The following issues will be discussed during the symposium and the publication of a collection of articles:

1. The role of Abu Rayhan Beruni in the progress of world science;

2. The era of Abu Rayhan Beruni and the development of science;

3. Heritage of natural science of Abu Rayhan Beruni and modern science;

4. Modern approaches in recognizing the works of Abu Rayhan Beruni;

5. Manuscripts of Abu Rayhan Beruni's works in Tajikistan;

6. Research and publication of Abu Rayhan Beruni's works in Tajikistan;

7. Abu Rayhan Beruni and modern world civilization.


The Symposium is expected to be attended by well-known oriental scientists, historians, cultural experts, linguists, literary experts, theologians, political scientists, university professors, representatives of public organizations of Tajikistan and foreign countries.

Submit the request together with the scientific article for participation in the symposium by 20 August 2023, to the e-mail address

Working languages of the symposium: Tajik, Russian, and English.


Requirements for registration:

By writing articles, the following requirements should be observed: the volume of the article should not exceed 10-12 computer pages. The article is in Times New Roman font, font size - 14; space between lines - 1; paragraph - 1 cm; size of margins: left 3.0 mm, right 1 mm, top and bottom 2.0 mm.


Title design (in capital and bold letters, in the middle)

TITLE OF THE ARTICLE (in Tajik, Russian, English); in the next line (font - bold italics, on the right side) - full name; in the next line (in italics, on the right side) - country; in the next line (italics, right side) - e-mail for contact; after 1 line - text of the article. List of sources at the end of the article (in alphabetical order - first in Cyrillic script, then in other foreign languages). Within the text, the reference to the source is given in square brackets, separated by a comma, for example: [1, 272]; commas or dashes, for example [2, 272-280], indicate the number of citations.

The resume of the article should be in three languages – Tajik, English and Russian.





Zamirova Zamira Zamirovna



The manuscript is accompanied by information about the authors, indicating the last name, first name, patronymic, academic degree, academic title, place of work and position, city, country, as well as e-mail address and telephone numbers.

The organizing committee has the right to reject articles that do not meet the topic and requirements of the announced project.

Organizing Committee:

Address: Center of written heritage under the Directorate of NAST, sh. Dushanbe, Huseynzoda, 35.

Phones for information:           +992 372213202

                                                 +992 918616412

                                                 +992 900133141                              



Application for participation in the conference:



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