Today (19.05.2023) in the Hall of the Center of Written Heritage under the Board of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan in the presence of the responsible representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan, employees of the Center of Written Heritage O. Khojamurodov, M. Sharifov, I. Mirzoev, Sh. Yorahmatzoda and others had a meeting with the Director of the Center of Written Heritage under the AMIT Board, Davlatov Rahmatkarim, director of the Institute of Iranian Studies of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Professor Florian Schwartz.

       During the conversation, the parties provided information on scientific and human resources and capabilities and stated that based on the Memorandum signed in 2004 between the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Academy of Sciences of Austria, they can establish scientific cooperation in the field of textual and source studies.

     In turn, Professor Florian Schwartz suggested that he would like to establish a long-term cooperation with AMIT Media and sign a new agreement in this context.

    The dialogue between the parties took place at a good level, and professor Florian Schwartz was shown samples of ancient manuscripts and calligraphy from the Center's Treasury.