The international scientific-practical conference "Historical and cultural geography "Shohnoma" was held on September 11-12, 2022 at the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan. The conference was opened by the President of NAST, Farhod Rahimi, who mentioned the purpose and purpose of Abul Qasim Firdawsi's essay "Shahnoma", which was a defense of the integrity of the national state of Tajiks. with a deep understanding of this reality, the founder of peace and national unity - the leader of the nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, said about this masterpiece and its importance: "Shahnoma" is not just a book of battles, bravery, heroism, legend and legend. It is a unique sermon, a moral book and a guide for learning good behavior, character and good human characteristics. From war stories, love stories, narratives and narratives of "Shahnoma" we have the proud history of Aryan peoples, customs and traditions of the people, manners of life, rites of nationalism, patriotism, patriotism, ensuring the independence of the country, freedom and liberty, the meaning of peace and war and recognition of truth and falsehood, victory light over darkness, ethnology, solving problems between states, the meaninglessness of differences between religions and sects, and friendship. If we want to keep the spirit of Ferdowsi alive and pure in this land forever and consider ourselves his heirs, we must protect all his traditions and act according to them, strive for peace, unity, integrity and the establishment of peace.

        Then, Muhiddin Panjshanbezoda, adviser to the assistant of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan on issues of social development and public relations, spoke about the historical and cultural importance of this great work of world literature and considered its study necessary to protect the historical memory of Tajiks.

       In order to participate in the work of the conference, 74 university professors, researchers and experts from inside and outside the country submitted reports. About 50 reports were heard and discussed.

     At the International Scientific-Practical Conference "Historical and Cultural Geography "Shohnoma" famous literary scholars, linguists, historians, cultural experts, political scientists, teachers of the National University of Tajikistan, State Pedagogical University of Tajikistan named after S. Ainy, State Medical University of Tajikistan named after Ibn Sina, universities of Dangara, Khujand, Kulob and representatives from universities of France, Australia, Afghanistan participated actively in person and virtually.

        The pressing issues of modern times, such as "Shahnoma", the most important identity document of Tajiks in the world; the role of "Shohnama" in strengthening the patriotism of young people; issues of geography research "Shohnama"; geographical culture of "Shohnama"; historical geography of "Shahnama"; the role of "Shahnoma" in the formation and development of the Tajik language; Current Tajikistan in the geography of "Shohnoma"; Persistence of place names (toponymics) of "Shahnoma" in social opinion; the place of wisdom and knowledge in "Shahnoma"; seat of justice in the territory of "Shahnoma"; Khorasan and Movarunnahr in the geography of "Shahnoma"; Ferdowsi and the splendor of national unity; "Shahnoma" is the homeland; the reflection of Ferdowsi's patriotic feeling in "Shahnoma"; Firdavsi in search of national spirit; Firdavsi's "Shahnoma" is a pillar of national self-awareness and self-awareness; Firdavsi's "Shahnoma" - reflecting the work of life and culture of the nation; moral values in the stage interpretation of "Shahnoma" stories; the identity of the language in "Shahnoma"; the place of man in "Shahnoma"; glorification of knowledge and lack of wisdom in "Shohnama"; the role of "Shohnama" in the recognition of national history and culture; the influence of "Shahnama" on Arabic literature; "Shohnama" is an epic of human wisdom; the reflection of the greatness and tenacity of women in the "Shohnoma" and similar important points, whose role in reviving the national identity and protecting the historical memory of Tajiks are of special importance, were discussed.

         In this regard, it was emphasized that Hakim Firdawsi's "Shahnoma" as a historical passport is at the center of the heart, language, and culture of Tajiks, and its role in the preservation of the Tajik language and the cultural independence of Tajiks and Farsi-speakers of the world is obvious.

        Taking into account the formation of a new consciousness of a godly, self-aware and self-seeking person and the intellectual thinking of the generation of the modern era, the most important feature of the moral concept of "Shahnoma" is the praise of intelligence and knowledge, their place and status in the human life system, strengthening the spirit of patriotism, nationalism, enthusiasm, courage and masculinity to protect the Motherland. - The mother was especially emphasized in the reports of the conference participants.

          Moreover, the speakers added that "Shahnoma" is the glory of our nation and is constantly present in the lives of our people, because people read it, memorize it, and thus enrich their historical memory, and learn from it the lesson of patriotism and nationalism. He takes pride and self-knowledge, puts great human values and aspirations, including the defense of the country from ill-wishers and enemies, and through wise poems calls people to courage, protection of shame and honor, protection of the homeland. From this point of view, it surpasses all the works of our literature and gives the message of freedom, endurance and struggles, courage to fellow citizens.

          At the same time, it was mentioned at the conference that the modern age is the age of new technology. Now modern technology and techniques have affected all spheres of life, and in such a life where advanced technology is partly at the disposal of the propaganda devices of different cultures and especially the type of harmful extremist thinking, the most important shield, element and preserver of our national identity, Tajiks, can still be " Shahnama", that is, in the era of the development of extreme thinking, this great and enduring historical work can serve as a counter to religious and religious literature to educate the young generation in secular and patriotism.

        It is worth noting that in the reports of the researchers, the philosophy of not harming, which originates from the Avesta and ancient works, and this hypothesis is the representative of the "Shahnama", was mentioned, because today the need to teach this worldview has disappeared, but more than ever, the elements of oppression and oppression is in the middle, innocent people are dying all over the world. The heroes of "Shahnoma" call on the people of the world to show compassion and make non-violence their motto, so that people can live in peace and harmony.

         During the discussion of the above-mentioned important issues, taking into account as much study and implementation of the highest ideas of the "Shahnoma" as possible, the following suggestions were made at the conference:

1. To strengthen the research of "Shohnoma" as a unique and enduring work of the history of the Tajik people.

2. In the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, the "Shohnoma" Study Department should be established.

3. "Shahnama" should be published in large numbers as a symbol of national identity.

4. In order to educate the younger generation in the spirit of self-awareness, self-awareness and promotion of national aspirations and values in the republic, starting from 2023, the Shahnama reading contest "The Shahnama is the Motherland" should be organized throughout the country.

5. Every year on October 11-17, on the eve of the "Mehrgon" national holiday, the "Shohnomakhani" week should be held throughout the country, in order to better inform people, especially the younger generation, about the educational ideas of "Shohnoma". In the framework of this week, an international scientific conference, as well as the "Shohnoma" and "Mehrgon" festivals, were held with the participation of NAST scientists, teachers and students of universities, literary scholars, linguists, orientalists, historians, cultural experts, political scientists, general and professional secondary education institutions and representatives of public organizations. to be

6. Launch an internet platform where all the printed "Shahonama" and its written copies will be placed.

7. The hours of teaching "Shohnoma" should be increased in school programs of general secondary education and philological faculties of universities and institutes of the republic.

8. "Firdavsi Foundation" should be established in Tajikistan in order to be proud of the national identity.